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Casdagli Cypher 3311 Lorenz (english)



Cypher 3311






Here is already a name of cigar which is questioning and which requires explanations.

First of all, I never imagined that my passion for cigars would take me back 39 years to my greatest fear: my Morse code courses at the Belgian Army's Centre for Transmission and Electronics (CTrE); you'll understand later why I'm talking about this, but you should know that at the time it was my only failure in my 20-year career.

But today, we're going back in time to talk about the encryption system (Cypher) of 3311 prisoner, Major A.T. Casdagli, the grandfather of Jeremy Casdagli, thefounder of Casdagli Cigars. A.T. Casdagli was captured by the Nazis as a prisoner of war and was held in Spangenberg Castle, Germany. There are worse places to be, but he also experienced food and sleep deprivation... Initially, to pass the time, he took up embroidery; I should say he recovered since cross-stitch embroidery was known by the family along with his cotton business.



His works were successful, and the Nazis exposed them or sent them to other camps. What they never knew was that between the decorations and other swastikas, were in the form of bars and dots (Morse code) expressions like God save the King or fuck Hitler. One day, he finished an embroidery with the Union Jack, as he knew that national flags were forbidden in prisons, he hid it with a flap on which he embroidered in German: do not lift. When the officer pointed out to him that this was forbidden, he answered calmly and without mockery: it is you who showed it, not me.

At one point, via the Red Cross, he managed to send his embroideries to his family. Again, he tricked the Nazis with his Morse code hidden in the works. For MI9 received the cross-stitched works to decipher them before giving them to the family. This is how he passed important information about the prison camps.





In a press conference, Jeremy C. says: It was not until 2012 that the Imperial War Museum confirmed that not only did my grandfather lead a courageous protest against the Nazis with his cipher messages hidden in his artwork created in the POW camps, but that he was also a member of MI9, which included planning POW escapes, gathering intelligence, and transmitting that intelligence through clandestine communications to London.

To conclude this historical explanation of the name of the range and the module, you should know that Lorenz was the encryption system that gave the Allied secret services the most trouble. Given its complexity, it was used to transmit vital information; as soon as they managed to get their hands on the encryption system, the Allies had access to decisive information that influenced the course of the war. Another victory for MI9, because the Nazis never understood A.T. Morse code.





For the packaging, we have a rough box with the representation of an Embroidery whose center is a 1. And we have from left to right and from top to bottom: a coat of arms made of two squatch rackets, the SS Pasteur (English ship on which there was a problem with German prisoners, event which brought reprisals of deprivation to the English prisoners), the royal crown and a ladder (symbol of the escape attempt). The box is sealed with a band that repeats the same coat of arms.





Inside, we have 8 coffins of a midnight blue, whose lid is decorated with the same band with Cypher3311 Lorenz in gold letters. The outline of the lid has the Morse code: God save the King. While the underside of the coffin has Fuck Hitler.





Finally, on the coffins rests a leaf that explains that the range is a tribute to his ancestor, but also to the Red Cross that saved his life by allowing him not to lose his head through the exchange of mail.

In fact, a percentage of the sale of cigars and merchandising items will go to the Red Cross.

After this long but worthwhile history, I'm waiting for the long awaited moment. The message finally arrives linked by MI9 and transmitted by the Red Cross: The time has come for a pleasant analysis of this Diadema. Enjoy the tasting! We look forward to your detailed report, A.S.A.P... Basically it means that the tasting operation of the Diadema Lorenz has to start and that I have to report my opinion in the smallest details.






I remove the protective band of the coffin, to have access to the vitola of the day. I discover a brown cape highlighted by a luxurious ring. On a blue background, it takes up the blazon described previously as well as the name of the brand in golden letters.

Looking at the sharp tip of the foot, I tell myself that the ignition is going to give maybe some trouble. After a meticulous lighting to avoid burning the cloak, the start is finally done, by a few puffs rather tight but which give me very little smoke. Fortunately this does not last and it finally opens the floodgates of tasting: oak, dark chocolate 75%, dry earth, with strokes of probe from the black pepper and cream.

I find myself in front of a problem of draw, depending on how I carry the cigar to the mouth, I have a big stream of smoke or a flat calm as if it had gone out. A little quibbling and I finally find the right position that I will ensure to maintain. It's not enough to make the cigar turn but it's necessary.

On the other hand the combustion is good and once well in place the draft remains very pleasant.

The oak preferred to stop in the trenches to allow the cedar to go on the offensive. It evolves behind bags of salt that settle on the lips.

He calls for air support and the air force sends a squadron of multi-grain bread toast. A bit of nuttiness is also felt.

To continue my advancement, I absolutely must destroy the concertina walls the enemy has deployed; it's time to call on the Amaretto system, then my tasting unfolds a long corridor of almonds and honey before returning to wood and earth.

The power remained medium plus, and for the flavors one quickly approached the medium strong.

My tasting is coming to an end, and it will be time to draw conclusions. But first, I'll have to let my cigarette butt die and give it back to Mother Earth.

The tasting was carried out on a Diadema cigar of 23.36 cm for a cepo of 58.

As the whole range revolves around secrecy and encryption, there is no reason for this to change.

Wrapper : Ecuador

Binder: not disclosed

Filler: not disclosed

In conclusion: apart from the draw concern, I had a great time with this vitola. I don't know if it's the cigar or the story around it that interested me the most; I think it's a whole.

Price at the time of writing: 52€.


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