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BWS Killer Bee Shaolin (English)

Black Works Studio

Killer Bee



It was during a meeting with James that I discovered this cigar: a Belicoso in three colors, with the foot covered and the head very slender. When I held it in my hand, I immediately thought of a 50 BMG cartridge. Which made me laugh later, when I was tasting it, I imagined a killer bee, shaped like a cartridge, practicing Qi gong.

But why Qi gong? I will not give you a lecture, I assure you. Basically, the monks of the Shaolin Temple are Buddhists specialized in this art which is a traditional Chinese gymnastics, and a breathing practice based on the knowledge and control of the breath.

Bodhidharma, a monk who arrived in China in 527, settled in Shaolin to practice his philosophical precepts. He is the founder of Chinese Chan Buddhism, which will become Zen in Japan.

The monks spending long hours immobile in meditation, it was necessary to find a solution to preserve their physical health. He developed Xingyiquan, boxing of the form and the will, which would be the ancestor of Wushu (Kung Fu), taught in the temple.

Well, that's all very well, but I still don't know much more about these famous monks. By the way, not all Shaolin Kung Fu practitioners are monks; they teach 400 students in the 7 schools spread out in the country.

And I still don't see the connection between cigars and Kung Fu!

I have to say that Kung Fu for me is the 70's with the legendary Little Dragon (Bruce Lee) and his jeet kune do, the Little Scarab (in the Kung Fu series with David Carradine), the B movies and the martial arts demonstrations in Paris... And all that follows from it: Chuck Norris' (world champion karate), Steven Seagal's (seventh dan of aikido) first movies and of course our compatriot Jean-Claude Van Damme (Shotokan karate and kickboxing).

So, I need an expert opinion. It so happens that Johan Dhondt, in addition to being an expert in the world of cigars, has a great deal of experience in the martial arts.

Although he is not a specialist in Shaolin, here is what he confided to me: They are especially known for having a permanent training. The search for "difficult" positions that they keep even when eating or doing daily tasks... Mentally very resistant to pain and capable of extraordinary things with their body. Ok! I see a little more clearly with words like extraordinary things, resilient.

But I leave the last word to Angela Brown: this cigar is a tribute to the Shaolin warrior monks. The perfect balance between strength and harmony.

Good! That's it for the prequel of the genesis of the cigar, let's move on to its packaging.

So we are in the presence of a cigar brand killer bee, it lends itself to many variations and it is constantly evolving tells me James when he presents me this new range limited edition.


We will find a black and ochre box, with the traditional bee on top, which this time, rests on what makes me think of a representation of a lotus flower, a very important symbol in Buddhism.



I have a cigar with a tricolor wrapper, whose body is caped barber pole, the pointed head is encircled by a clear spiral, while the foot is closed by an olive green cap. The whole is highlighted by the black and ochre ring on which sits the killer bee.

I make the cut not too small because with the foot obscured, I need room for the draw; and I bring his foot in contact with the flame. After turning it for a little while, the foot ignites and allows me to feel a good flow of thick smoke in the mouth that carries its stock of flavors. It starts with dark chocolate praline, white pepper and toasted bread.

It remains quite mild, which is becoming quite rare in new cigars.

I have a citrus style acidity that comes more on the lips and front of the mouth, kind of like a morning juice.


I progress in my tasting to arrive at a click that announces the imminent takeoff, and go it's gone in the memories... These are quite particular since they bring me back 27 years ago, when I was selling among other things cosmetics and perfume. I feel our flagship products eau de parfum with musk and eau de parfum with sandalwood. You add to that a fine touch of vanilla, soft caramel and black cherry.

All these woody, earthy and spicy flavors give a boost to my tasting that goes up in power, but the chocolate, cherries ... provide it with roundness and smoothness . In short, it is extremely good!

It is this very moment too when the Shaolin monks' greeting comes to mind: hold your attack fist with your heart as well as Angela's words.

This cigar has power and body, but also roundness and creaminess, all in a perfect Tao with one condition: respect.

Respect the work behind it! Respect the creativity of the assembly! How do you do it? By taking the time to taste: smoke slowly.

The tastings were carried out on two Belicoso of 13.97 cm for a cepo of 46.

Wrapper: rolled in a perfect assembly, side by side, we have San Andrés (Mexico), Connecticut (Ecuador) for the body and Candela (Ecuador) for the foot cap.

Binder: Habano (Honduras)

Filler: Nicaragua

In conclusion: a cigar that, in a perfect balance, delivers us strength and vigor with a buffer of smoothness. If we leave our European mentality for a moment and take the time and not the hour, we spend a very pleasant tasting full of surprises. Unfortunately, this cigar is not yet available in all our good civets, especially in Wallonia, which I deplore because it is a cruel loss for the hedonistic amateurs that we are.

Price at the time of writing this vitola: 19.90€.


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