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Oliva Serie V Melanio Edición Año 2022 (english)


Serie V

Melanio Edición Año 2022


Since 2017, Fred and the teams at VCF have released a Limited Edition Oliva Factory cigar designed specifically for the non-US market.

And it has just arrived in your best civets. While they have accustomed us to a box pressed version, this year they innovate with a round cigar and Lonsdale format. Which also deserved a new name: Edición Año 2022 instead of the traditional Edición Limitada.


The outer packaging is almost identical to that of other years with the black and gold cardboard. Underneath we find a natural wood box. 

Oliva Melanio

With inside, 10 cigars protected by a wide golden ribbon and a frame which will reinforce the waterproofness of the box and maintain its precious load in place.

Oliva Melanio

If we look closer, we will notice that the designer of the box has placed a spacer halfway up the front of the frame to facilitate the removal of cigars.

Needless to say, this packaging is beautiful and the natural color of the wood gives a contrast with the cigar wrapper that has its effect.

But now it's time for my favorite part: the tasting.

Oliva Serie V

The wrapper is a chocolate brown with very visible veins, which gives it a wild look: just looking at it my mind is already wandering. It's dressed in the two classic rings for the brand and range, with the addition of a red and gold silk protector inscribed 2022 on the foot. 

I'm a little excited because this cigar is part of a ritual: it's often with it that I start my long tastings during the festivities of the end of the calendar year. 

I contemplate it for a while and then I decide to make a straight cut. When cold, I feel that the draw is perfect: flavors of chocolate and white pepper are present as well as the greasy earth of the volcanic areas. 

The ignition will be done this evening with the match, it shows itself right and perfect because the foot ignites and gives me a good reddish color at the same time as the head already releases its first streams of smoke. 

As many new generation cigars, it starts on the hats of wheels and I have a pepper certainly white but of intense force, and as its predecessors this sensation lasts maximum one small centimeter. 

I am slyly infiltrated by fumes of latte, chocolate, greasy soil.


My professional background reminds me of a recce team before the deployment of the armored infantry of the Bn 12ème (a little nod to my friend Michel Vael).

Indeed, a little later, in successive streams, my mouth and the beginning of my throat are filled with caramel, cedar, white pepper, cocoa and nuts.

A real specific arsenal settles and takes position of my gustatory zone.

And all this in impeccable order and perfect balance.

At this point, there is nothing else to say: Pure happiness.

After the installation, the patrols begin: the white pepper, which has camouflaged itself, leaves the place free for the black pepper, the cedar has returned to the base and handed over its part of the field to the noble oak. The coffee marks stronger striations.

Just under the Melanio ring, my vitola releases a pungent jet, not irritating, but rather very pleasant; at the same time a fine layer of salt settles on my lips and it plunges me directly into the peanut mix Chile when we were almost fighting for the red ones, the most pungent.

I tell myself it's time to do a retro-olfaction test, and the result confirms my impressions: it's spicy but not excessive, and royally balanced.

I am in a moment of fulfillment with this good cigar, a superior tea and Roch Voisine's Acoustic Tour concert.

It takes me a little more than a centimeter when my vitola diminishes in intensity and gives back the command to the white pepper and the cedar.

I think that's the signal: Escape! The tanks fold up their camouflage nets, the transmissions come down the antennas, the engines go into overdrive and the Bn sets off on one last trip to Mother Earth in tribute to this proven pleasure.

My tastings of this Lonsdale were of two 16.51 cm modules for a 44 cepo.

Wrapper: Sumatra (Ecuador)

Binder : Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

In conclusion: I think that once again VCF has succeeded its challenge with this production. Actually no, I don't think so: I am sure that this production of only 40.000 cigars is just to be enjoyed with obligation.

I therefore advise you to go to your local VCF specialized civet and acquire this cigar to make your own opinion on the subject.

Feel free to leave me your feedback and comments under this article.

Price at the time of writing: 20 euros.


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