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ADVentura The Royal Return King's Gold Robusto (English)


The Royal Return 

King's Gold 



Another new brand on our territory, ADVentura of the company ADV & McKay Cigars Co. SRL.

As this is the first article I'm writing about this brand, a little history is in order.

Take the city of Zurich (here again in Switzerland), you put the Cuba d'Oro-Fine Artisanal Cigars, an establishment which marries club & cigar lounge with the marketing of artisanal cigars practically untraceable in other Swiss and German civets.

Its owner, Marcel Knobel made a trip to the Dominican Republic in 2015 in search of a manufacturer who could meet his demands.

His search is laborious, painful until he arrives at the Tabacalera William Ventura managed by his son, Henderson Ventura.

His goal was to find a producer who had the best possible quality in his products and that the consistency of his production bore the label of excellence. As Henderson would later say: "Ventura and Knobel's goal for each blend has been to reach an al dente point, meaning that the layers of different tobaccos complement each other rather than compete, in order to achieve balance and complexity.

But the story doesn't end there, because Marcel has requirements for ADVentura, he needs this new company to be based on three fundamental pillars: complexity, diversity of taste profiles within the brand and, finally, a unique packaging. This great lover of history also wants to create a brand that is different from the others, a brand whose lines are historically linked, creating a world that guides the cigar lover through different aspects from history.

That's how the first range is called the explorer, then the navigator & the conqueror... To finally arrive at what interests us today the royal return.

This range is subdivided into 2 categories: one dedicated to the Queen and one to the King.

It's safe to say that they consider this line to be the masterpiece of their work. The circle is complete.

Endless hours of mental and physical strength earned ADVentura and McKay the right to rule the island of Kiskeya (Santo Domingo). They conquered this rich land not to demonstrate their power and strength, but to take advantage of the abundance of leaves on the island to develop new flavors. They explore, sail and conquer, to offer the gift of companionship, nostalgia and time. A gift that no other explorer has returned with to the king and queen. And with that gift, a reputation that travels far. The real work began with the detail of every feature of this unexplored territory. They worked to connect the sky to the earth, and develop such unique flavors (summary of the presentation of the range on the ADVentura website)

And tonight I'm tackling The Royal Return King's Gold Robusto.


The Robusto are presented in a wooden box with rope handles, which is a bit like a treasure chest, a bit like the ones the explorer might bring back to the king who sent him on his expedition.


The cape is quite rustic while remaining attractive. It is oily and decorated with a metal ring, I like this style of ring because it can be removed quite easily and for the collectors no risk that it tears. Well, easy to remove yes, as soon as you manage to take off the superimposed part of it, because at this level, Oufti it sticks well.


Since the beginning ADVentura has opted for a shield shaped logo with the 3 letters ADV separated by a forked cross which in heraldry gives power to the shield even if as here it is reversed. The color changes according to the range, here the metal ring has been gilded, on the sides we can read ADVENTURA by Henderson Ventura and The Royal Return. So let's go! Let us be carried by the journey.

The journey begins with the traditional ceremony of cutting and lighting, so I practice a straight cut that allows me to see a normal passage in the air and gives me indications of cocoa, raisins and cinnamon.

When the fire of the match comes into contact with the foot of my vitola, it ignites more than properly. From the start, my cigar releases a rather subtle and complex panel of flavors: cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon, dried fruit, cedar, almond, anise & dark chocolate.

All in a creamy coffee bath.

The creaminess fades, the leather and coffee go on the attack with a convoy of black pepper but that is masterfully restrained, it amplifies without ever being at its maximum power.

The draft is perfect and the combustion is good.

I continue my homecoming with a mixture of hay, Labrador tea, tanned leather and always the black pepper and strong coffee.

I am not sucked out of time by this tasting but it remains a hyper pleasant moment with a balanced cigar that varies from a medium to medium-strong power.

My tastings were done on 3 cigars of 12.7 cm for a cepo of 52. 

Wrapper : Connecticut Broadleaf (USA)

Binder : San Andrés (Mexico)

Filler: Dominican Republic, USA, Nicaragua

In conclusion: a cigar that can be smoked right away since it is made with 5 years old tobacco and once rolled it remains 4 months in the cellar. It is super well balanced and built since on the 3 tests the draw was perfect and the combustion required a small rectification on only one copy.

It gave me a nice amount of smoke and I think I will have it in my humidor regularly.

So my dear readers, go to your local civet shop to get a copy or two and make your own impression. As usual, I look forward to your feedback and/or comments under this article.

Price at the time of writing: 14.40€.

I leave you because I have an appointment with the queen's pearls for new adventures.


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